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Our goal is to create music that will enhance live events while also appealing to a wider range of generations through live performances by our choir, DJs, and top-tier vocalists. Our live events complement the style of the music, and with a strong radio presence, we can cross-promote both.Due to the wider age range of our audience, which includes both older lovers of the original songs and younger fans of the reworks. We want to encourage and nurture young and emerging artists, assisting them through the process of becoming new producers while adhering to the same ethos as our label.

Revival, the collective, are Christopher Peyton (Vocalist/Songwriter), James F. Reynolds (Producer), Paul Gardner (Producer/DJ) and Mousse T.  (Producer/DJ) who all have history dating back to the 90s house scene. The label and collective started as a passion project to re-interpret classic songs into uplifting dance records with influences of house, disco, and soul, placing live instrumentation and artistry at the forefront. 

Revival are inspired by a love for house music and a desire to make great dance records to be enjoyed by multiple generations. With a roster of talented artists and musicians that are integral to the project, Revival is now bringing established artists into the world of house music.



Mousse T. is an internationally renowned music producer and DJ, by the late 90’s he was a household name, dominating the charts with releases such as ‘Horny’ and Tom Jones’ ‘Sex Bomb’. This success was followed by an Ivor-Novello Award, Grammy Award nomination and three studio albums, most recently releasing Where Is The Love in 2018, a charismatic and sophisticated reminder of his gifted abilities. His other recent achievements include appearing as a judge on DSDS (Germany’s Got Talent) and producing film soundtracks for a number of German titles.



James started his music career working in the studio behind the scenes with many of the UK’s biggest house DJs in the 90’s. Since then, has been writing and producing music for over 20 years and is one of the UK’s most respected and successful mixers.



Peyton is a songwriter and performer whose music career took off in 2001 with ‘A Higher Place’, his first signing with Hed Kandi Records, topped dance charts worldwide. For the past two decades, he has collaborated with many of the biggest names in dance music.



Lasting more than two decades at the top of any career is a major feat, especially when it comes to the ever changing house music scene. Paul has done just that, carving out a substantial niche for himself as he broke out of the London club scene in the early 90’s. There is nothing snooty or elitist about what Paul Gardner does, it’s house for true music lovers.

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